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Celebrities Who Have Gone Through Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis, is an incredible, non-invasive treatment available at numerous Cosmetic Surgeries these days. It makes use of cooling technology that freezes and gets rid of fat cells leaving behind other cells unscathed. It’s the most recent Hollywood rage when it comes to non-invasive aethetics. You can check out a trusted clinic that offer coolsculpting – https://nevadawellness.pro/treatments/coolsculpting-las-vegas/

There are many celebrities who have gone through the procedure and are happy about it. Let’s take a look at a few of them.
Celebrities Who Had Coolsculpting Procedures

Ali Landry

Landry went through an hour-long CoolSculpting procedure with particular concentration on her abdomen. E! News reported that Landry is happy about the results. After the procedure she said she can see her waist again.

Jennifer Aniston

From an interview with the former “Friends” star, Jennifer Aniston by Instyle reported that Aniston has gone through a non-invasive procedure to target trouble part in her body. She has used coolsculpting to achieve the body that she flaunts now.

Khloé Kardashian

The reality star from the Kardashians has truly changed her look. She has gone through diet and exercise to slim down and tone up. She also had some help using CoolSculpting to help her achieve the sculpted body she is now sporting. She told New Beauty magazine that she has gone through CoolSculpting treatments to get rid of the stretch marks on her butt.

Lindsay Lohan

At a London skin clinic, Lohan was about to undergo her second treatment for coolsculpting. She said not everyone can really make it to the gym all the time but there’s a balance. It is evident that she loves the procedure and she’s seeing good results from the process.

Molly Sims

A source (said a spokesperson for a brand she endorses) says that Molly Sims had gone through coolsculpting to remove stubborn fats and gain that sculpted figure she has now.

While we know many celebrities taking that extra step to maintain their body by using a cool workout with music, not all of them will come to the open and freely admit that they had some type of procedure to achieve what they have now. Nonetheless, there are many singers, artists, models, actors, and actresses who have admitted going through one or two treatments as a result of their almost perfect body figure.