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Experience The Best Home Espresso Machine With Great Music

Whether you are in a restaurant, a coffee shop, at work, or in the comforts of your own home making your coffee on your best home espresso machine, one of the life’s finest combinations is good music and great coffee.

They say that music improves the kick of your coffee, matches the feeling that has driven you to get or make that cup of coffee, and adds an extra element to your morning, afternoon or evening cup of coffee. Studies show that music can make you feel relaxed, music can also heighten the taste and experience of your food and drink. If you love coffee like you love music, then you will enjoy these songs by artists who found inspiration in their cup of coffee.

Coffee Mug by the Descendents

The song is like a shot of espresso, small but really powerful. Their ode to coffee may be quick, but it emulates how grave your passion for coffee is. It is the perfect song for your morning coffee.

One More Cup of Coffee by Bob Dylan

The song is from Bob Dylan’s 1976 album Desire. It is a song about going “to the valley below” and must let go and leave his love behind. Before going their separate ways, they have “one more cup of coffee for the road / one more cup of coffee before I go”.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee by the Cranberries

The song is focused on the challenges of Dolores O Riordan with being a mother. It also captures the worldwide struggles of individuals enduring and getting through difficult situations in life. They enthusiastically tell listeners to “wake up, and smell the coffee.” The song is from their 2001 album Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.

The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra

Unlike the other songs, Frank Sinatra, in his “The Coffee Song”, is actually about coffee and it will make you dance along as you wait for your brewing coffee.