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Music & Technology – From Wagons to Tugger Train Carts | FlexQube®

A few may point out that technological innovation is harming the music sector. However, if you actually take a look all around, there is a lovely relationship between music and technology – the music sector is growing every single time, and musicians are generally adopting technologies in brand-new and revolutionary approaches.

Technology has played a great role in development from wagons to Tugger Train Carts | FlexQube®, from gas lamps to electricity, from snail mail to email. Regardless how technology has developed, it had been for the better and worse.

Take for instance, Microsoft, that has been collaborating with groups like Neon Indian, KEXP, Phantogram, and a lot more to take part in Music x Technology. It is where great thoughts and collaborations meet.


Amy Sorokas, the partnership director of Microsoft Studios said that they are really interested in showing the way artists in the music sector are using technology to make an impact on the work that they do.

Collaboration of Music and Technology

Not too long ago, the company (Microsoft) collaborated with electropop Broods DUO through Listen creative agency. They launched a tech-driven video for their most recent solo album, “Heartlines”. In the video, Microsoft bands were used entirely to measure the lead singer’s heart rate while performing in the video. Georgia Nott has also worn the wristband during her concert tour.

The beauty of the Microsoft band is not only in the data but it was able to translate the data into an amazing geometric pattern that helped made the video all the more beautiful. The graphics in the vid are literally part of Georgia Nott which goes with the whole idea of showing the audience something that is not visible by the naked eye. It is like conceptualizing the physical appearance of emotions, feelings that people usually experience.

Watch the entire video below. Viewers can actually see heartlines that connect both characters in the video. It does tell a story at the back of the music and lyrics.

Technology made an impact on our lives, even to the music we choose to play. Regardless how we use technology in our day to day living, it is indeed a powerful part of the many changes we are going through though the change can be beautiful, there are some that can be destructive too. It’s really a matter of choice. If we allow technology to destroy what beautiful we already have or if we use it to make things more beautiful each day.