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The Hip-Hop Community Calls for Gun Reform and Anti-Violence

Members of the hip-hop community are shocked, in despair and in doubt resulting from the 2017 mass murder by suspect, Stephen Paddock. The community has specifically called for gun reform, calling politicians to look into stricter policies in sales of firearms and other special effects like optics for AR-10. Read the review here: http://scopesreviews.com/best-scope-for-ar-10/

Based on Politico Magazine, there were 140 mass public shootings from the U.S. Even though the amount of mass shootings annually increased marginally in the mid-2000s.

Mass Killings is becoming rampant in the American land

Such figures are a rather definitive sign that our nation has a issue with firearms, or in least tracking with access to them. According to CNN, though the US retains only 5% of the planet’s population, 31 percent of mass shootings happen on American land. For a music genre such as hip-hop, which had been said to invite violence and misconduct, the question now is that should rappers reevaluate their connections with firearms and other weapons?

Although music artists could be mindful of the messages they incorporate in their songs, it is nevertheless undesirable to deliver a misfortune and switch it to politics. Particularly when there are numerous musicians who are already employing their massive platforms to push for anti-violence and gun change. If any reevaluation must take place, it needs to be right here.

Artists ought to be asking themselves how they could use their enormous worldwide sway to help move forward the type of coverage which makes it increasingly challenging for people acts of gun violence to happen. They ought to be asking themselves not because they’re at all implicated in the catastrophe of Vegas, but since the civilization of hip-hop is one of the most significant marketing schemes in the usa. Suffice to say people will hear.